The work as it is...

Chronicles from Kashmir can be shared in multiple ways:

  • as a live performance with an adaptable duration (we recommend 24 hours but understand that, in some contexts, we might need to revisit the duration of the work)
  • as discrete videos that complement a lecture/ presentation
  • as the starting point for a devised theatre workshop
  • as multi-media experiences that might be installed in a gallery space
  • as curricula that might be used in educational settings

In all of the above-mentioned instances, Chronicles from Kashmir will be tailor made to the context that would like to host the work, and will take into account the specifics of each target audience and setting. We start by requesting that partners cover our costs of transport and local hospitality: any decisions about the number of members in the team, and any request for a fee, will be made based on what is possible for our hosts. We do not want money to be a limitation in your engagement with this project; so if you are interested but haven't figured out the financial component yet, get in touch. We'll do our best to figure something out!

The work as it could be...

Chronicles from Kashmir currently focuses solely on narratives from the part of the Valley that is administered by India. In 2019 and beyond, Dr. Dinesh is looking to collaborate with individuals and organisations in Jammu, Ladakh, and Pakistan-administered regions of Kashmir, so as to weave in more dimensions to this work.

If you are from one of the above-mentioned regions and are interested in collaborating, please write to